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Get With the Times and Get The Silk’n Flash&Go

Get With the Times and Get The Silk’n Flash&Go

It’s 2015, why are you still shaving?


In 1901, the razor was invented. That’s when people looked like this…

And most people were still riding in these…

Meanwhile it’s 2019 and you’re still shaving…

Even though shaving takes an average of 72 full days over the course of a lifetime… you still do it.

Don’t be discouraged, because there is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

WE HAVE ARRIVED! The Silk’n Flash&Go is here, it’s here!

The Flash&Go is an at-home (yeah you read that right, at-HOME) hair removal device.

It utilizes technology of the future! By using gentle pulses of light, the Flash&Go disables hair growth at the root. Does it hurt? NOPE!

Is it safe? YES! It’s FDA cleared!

Does it really work? Read these customer reviews and you’ll be dying to get your hands on one of these.

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