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Start Now to Get Permanent Hair Removal for Summer

Start Now to Get Permanent Hair Removal for Summer

Use IPL hair removal to achieve permanently smooth, hair-free skin in time for the first day of summer.

In the middle of winter, when it’s cold and drab outside, it’s easy for our minds to wander and have our thoughts turn to the beautiful, sunny days of summer. Sure, it may seem a long way off now, but time flies and the weather will warm up before we know it. That means shedding those heavy sweaters and warm leggings in exchange for shorts and tank tops. It also means starting up those time-consuming summertime hair removal routines again, right? Not so fast!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have permanently smooth, hairless skin just in time for the glory days of summer?

Picture how great your entire summer would be, and every summer to come, if you didn’t ever have to wax, pluck, or shave again. Your skin would always be perfectly smooth and exactly how you want it, forever. With intense pulsed light hair removal (IPL), that vision of beautiful, smooth, permanently hair-free skin can become a reality. We’re here to help you get there, and let you know that now is the perfect time to start to achieve those results right in time for the first day of summer.

How does IPL hair removal work?

IPL hair removal works to prevent the growth of new hair by stopping the process right at the source; the follicles in your skin. As the light pulses produced by the IPL device are applied to the treatment area, the hair inside the follicles absorbs the light and converts it in to heat energy. This heat energy is then transferred to the cells surrounding the root of the hair deep down inside the follicle, inhibiting their ability to regenerate new hairs. With each successive treatment, the effect builds and the treated area becomes permanently hairless.

Here’s a video that helps to illustrate how this process occurs within the follicles of the skin using a Silk’n Infinity hair removal device:

IPL is the perfect solution for achieving permanent hair removal on virtually all areas of the body, including the legs, bikini zone, arms, underarms, chin, cheeks, upper lip, and many other spots, with the exception of areas that are in close proximity to the eyes.

How long does permanent hair removal take to achieve?

While shaving, waxing, and several other methods of hair removal provide instant results, you know as well as we do that those results are definitely fleeting. That hair will always come back, again and again. Permanent hair removal is a different story. When the hair is gone, it stays gone. However, the nature of permanent hair removal is such that you aren’t going to achieve your goals in just one or two sessions. It takes time to get those follicles to stop re-growing hair, but the end result is definitely worth it.

A common IPL treatment plan will take several weeks, and the exact number of weeks for your treatment will vary based on the type of device that you use. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll be using the Silk’n Infinity as our hair removal device of choice due to its speed, effectiveness, and ease-of-use. With the Silk’n Infinity, a typical treatment plan follows a 15-week schedule with treatments spaced two weeks apart.

The time needed to complete each individual treatment will also vary from person to person, as it entirely depends on the size of each of the areas to be treated. For example, an IPL treatment on your underarms will take just a few minutes, whereas larger areas like a full leg treatment will require more time. Fortunately, thanks to Silk’n IPL hair removal devices, you can perform these treatments right at home, making it very easy to follow your permanent hair removal plan no matter how busy your schedule might be.

When should I start IPL hair removal if I want to be ready for summer?

The first day of summer usually lands on either the 20th or 21st of June. Using that date as our target, we can work backwards and find out when the correct start time should be. To complete the full set of treatments over the recommended 15-week period, you’d need to start your first session during the first week of March in order to be done by the first day of summer in June. It’s that simple!

So, assuming you follow this type of treatment schedule, these are the results most users can expect to see as the sessions are completed and it gets closer to the first day of summer.

Here’s what a common 15-week treatment path looks like for most users:

  • Weeks 1-3: If you start your treatment path by the end of the first week of March, you will notice hairs in the treatment areas are becoming thinner and finer, as well as a slowdown in the overall rate of growth of hair after the first 3 weeks.

  • Weeks 3-7: By the end of April, you will begin seeing hairless patches that are a definitive sign that the treatments are proceeding well. This means you are well on your way to achieving the permanent results you are working towards.

  • Weeks 7-11: As the month of May comes to an end, your treatment areas will be showing a significant reduction in total hair growth and growth rate. The hairless patches will continue to expand, and the remaining hair will grow back even slower.

  • Weeks 11-15: When your 15-week IPL hair removal treatment path comes to an end in late June, just in time for the official arrival of summer, you will have reached your goal of permanent hair reduction and the absence of the vast majority of hair from the treatment area.

  • After 15 Weeks: There may be a need for some minor follow-up treatments to handle any stray hairs or small spots that are proving to be particularly stubborn, but these will typically be faster treatments and quite easy to deal with.

And there you have it! By starting early and planning ahead, you can be completely done your IPL hair removal treatments just in time for the glorious sunny summer months and enjoy permanent results that last for every summer still to come.

What if I want to speed up the treatments? What can I do to get faster results?

An excellent question! Of course, it’s important to have realistic expectations on how permanent results are achieved, so don’t go thinking you’ll be able to do it all in two weeks. However, there are a few tips that we can provide to help you get to your permanently hair-free skin in less time. Here are some things you can do to speed up your IPL hair removal treatments.

Start Now to Get Permanent Hair Removal for Summer

1 – Prep the treatment area properly & keep your skin healthy

Making sure the treatment area is healthy and properly prepped can help you obtain the optimum results from each and every session with your IPL hair removal device. Start by keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized, as healthy skin and hair will produce better results than dry, rough, dehydrated skin. Also be sure to follow a nutritious diet, including plenty of water and foods rich in vitamins that help promote healthy skin, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

If you’d like more information on the different types of foods and nutrition that can benefit the look, feel, and overall health of your skin, has a fantastic article listing the 12 Best Foods for Healthy Skin.

Prepping your skin properly prior to an IPL treatment includes giving the area a fresh shave before you begin each session. Never wax or pluck before you begin. IPL hair removal depends on there being a portion of hair inside the follicles in order to absorb the light produced by the IPL device and create the heat energy needed to create the growth-inhibiting effect inside the follicles. Waxing, plucking, and other similar methods remove the entire hair, which can drastically slow down your progress and make it take even longer to get the desired permanent results.

2 – Check your device settings & adjust treatment timing

To get the best possible results for your unique skin/hair tone combination, always ensure that you’re using the optimum power setting on your IPL device. Depending on how much contrast or difference there is between your hair tone and skin tone, you will need to adjust the power settings on your device for best results. Here’s a simple reference guide that Silk’n users should consult to determine their typical energy setting.

Using this reference, you can find your recommended setting, but many users discover after the first few sessions using the device that they can slightly increase the energy level, which can provide faster results. However, it’s important that this should always be done with caution, and only increase by one energy level at a time. Be sure to always test the setting using the skin tone test method as outlined in the instructions that came with your Silk’n device to ensure that the higher energy level is suitable for your skin.

Another possibility is to increase the frequency of your treatments from two-week intervals to one-week intervals after you’ve gone through the first several sessions and determined how your skin and hair are reacting to the treatments. However, much like changing the energy settings, this should always be done with caution. Be sure to closely monitor the effects of the treatments on your skin and hair to confirm that the increased frequency is suitable for you.

At the end of the day, if there is any uncertainty on whether increasing the energy or frequency of your treatments is a good idea, then it’s always advisable to stick with the original treatment plan and recommended energy setting. Remember, when it comes to permanent hair removal, patience and consistency are the keys to achieving your goals!

If I get a late start, can I still treat using IPL during the summer?

Indeed, you can! You simply need to be careful to manage the effects of sun exposure as you progress through your treatment plan. Always use a high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from damaging UV rays, wear light and comfortable clothing, choose wide-brimmed hats, and seek shade when possible. These tried-and-true methods are effective in avoiding the well-known dangers of excessive sun exposure.

In the unfortunate event that you do get too much direct sun that ends up resulting in a sunburn, you will need to temporarily suspend any hair removal treatments on the affected areas until the skin has fully recovered. This is yet another reason why preventing excessive sun exposure is always preferable to dealing with a nasty sunburn!

Can you tell me more about the Silk’n Infinity IPL hair removal device?

Absolutely! The Silk’n Infinity is the pinnacle of at-home IPL hair removal devices. Building on the proven light-based hair removal technology that Silk’n has perfected in our other IPL devices, the Infinity also incorporates galvanic energy to achieve faster results in less time. As the Infinity is passed over the treatment area, a specialized electrode at the tip of the device emits warming galvanic energy on to the skin.

This galvanic energy helps stimulate the skins natural rejuvenation processes, boosts circulation in the treatment area, and encourages the pores of the skin to open up. This helps by allowing the light pulses generated by the Infinity to more efficiently penetrate deep down in to the follicles and reach the very bases of the hair roots.

But that’s not all! In addition to these advanced features, the Silk’n Infinity has the longest-lasting light emitter bulb ever. Capable of delivering 400,000 intense light pulses, you’ll never need to replace the cartridge in your Infinity. You’ll get an entire lifetime of hair removal treatments from a single device.

Make this Your ‘Summer of Smooth’, with an IPL Hair Removal Device from Silk’n!

There’s literally no better time than now to start your IPL hair removal treatments to get the smooth, silky, permanently hair-free skin you’ve always wanted. The sunny days of summer are getting closer every minute, and we’re confident that once you start the process of permanent hair removal with your Silk’n IPL device, you’ll be blown away by how fast and easy it is.

All that time spent shaving, all those painful waxing sessions, and all those other temporary hair removal solutions will become distant memories as you enjoy your gorgeously smooth skin year-round. Thanks to the Silk’n Infinity IPL hair removal device, you’ll be ready when the first day of summer arrives, this year and every year after!

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