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Get What You Pay For – Are More Expensive IPL Hair Removal Devices Really Worth the Extra Cost?

Get What You Pay For – Are More Expensive IPL Hair Removal Devices Really Worth the Extra Cost?

It’s no secret that professional laser hair removal and electrolysis treatments are time consuming and can be very expensive. Of course, the alternatives of having to shave or wax aren’t exactly what we would call desirable options, either. You’ve got to do them much more frequently, they can be messy, and often require plenty of supplies that can really add up in cost over time.

It should come as no surprise that intense pulsed light hair removal is a very appealing alternative for so many people. It’s simple, effective, clean, painless, and can be done in the comfort of your own home whenever you want. IPL devices are an ideal solution for anyone looking for a permanent hair removal solution that doesn’t cost a fortune and delivers smooth, hair free skin that lasts with no discomfort or pain.

However, much like any other hair removal method, the price range for IPL devices can be quite large, with some devices being very cheap and others being very expensive. How can you be sure that you’re getting a quality device that will stand the test of time, and deliver the great hair removal results that you need? Let’s take a closer look at IPL hair removal devices and discover how you can be sure that you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

First, let’s take a minute to review exactly what an IPL Device is, and how they work.

What is an IPL Hair Removal Device?

An intense pulsed light hair removal device is a compact, handheld unit that uses light-based technology in order to provide safe, painless, permanent hair removal results. These devices are simple to use, effective on a wide variety of skin and hair tones and are ideal for use at home.

IPL devices are perfect for hair removal on almost all parts of the body including legs, arms, underarms, bikini area, as well as on the lower parts of the face such as the chin and lips.

How Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

Intense pulsed light hair removal works by directing intense, concentrated beams of light at the hair follicles on the skin. This light is absorbed by the hair and travels deep into the follicle to the root of the hair, causing it to heat up and inhibiting the growth of hair at the source.

As the skin and hair is treated using the IPL device, the user will gradually experience slower and slower hair regrowth thanks to the light-based treatments and their effect on the follicles. This results in permanently smooth, hair-free skin with no pain or discomfort.

Is IPL Hair Removal the Same as Laser Hair Removal?

While similar to laser hair removal in principle, there are some differences and IPL offers some significant advantages over lasers. Laser hair removal technology is limited in effectiveness to only certain hair and skin tones that have a strong contrast, meaning the skin should be light in tone and the hair should be dark in tone. The lower the contrast, the less effective laser hair removal is.

IPL, on the other hand, is useful in treating a much broader range of hair and skin tones, making it far more appealing for many people who don’t fit the profile for laser treatments. In addition, IPL hair removal can easily be done by yourself at home, versus laser treatments which generally must be done at a clinic by a professional.

What to Look for in an IPL Device

When you start to evaluate all the different IPL devices you will inevitably notice that there are many claims about which device provides the best, fastest, and longest lasting results. In most cases, the technology used for the removal of the hair is very similar, and the main differences come in the form of the other features and benefits built into the devices offered by different manufacturers.

There are several key features that you should be sure to look for in an IPL device to ensure that you’re choosing a good quality device made by a company that will stand by their product. Here are some of the main aspects that you should look for when considering an IPL device.

Safety & Approvals

This may not be the first thing that you’d think to look for, but we cannot overstate the importance of making sure that any health and beauty product that you buy has been approved and deemed safe by the FDA.

The testing processes required to achieve these approvals are thorough and extensive, so be sure to check the product and look for these certifications. We firmly believe that the risks associated with using non-approved devices far outweigh any benefit of a cheaper price. When it comes to safety, it’s best to invest wisely.

Bulb Lifespan

Another important factor to consider is the average lifespan of the light emitter bulb used in the IPL device. Each bulb will have a finite number of light pulses that it will be able to generate, with some lasting far longer than others. When the bulb expires, it will need to be replaced, so consider the cost of buying replacement bulbs when looking at devices that use bulbs with shorter lifespans.

Some IPL devices on the market offer fewer pulses per bulb, for example around 100,000, before they need to be replaced. Better units will last for around 250,000 pulses or more. The best IPL devices are capable of delivering up to 400,000 light pulses, which is enough for a lifetime of hair removal treatments. Over the long run, you may appreciate the convenience and cost savings of never having to replace the bulb of your IPL device.

Controls & Power Settings

Some of the less expensive IPL devices will come with only one power setting, which makes it more difficult to adjust the treatments to match your individual needs. Better quality IPL devices will offer adjustable power settings so you can customize your treatment for best results depending on your unique combination of skin and hair tone.

This also makes it easier to get better results when you have different hair types on different areas of your body, such as your leg hair vs underarm hair. The added functionality of adjustable power settings found in more expensive devices offers a lot of benefit for the user and means they can dial-in their treatments to get the best possible results.

Treatment Duration

The length of each individual treatment session with an IPL device will vary as well, with some devices taking up to an hour depending on the size of the area being treated and the type of bulb contained in the device. More powerful devices are able to shorten the duration of individual treatments by producing light flashes at a faster rate, with some devices able to reduce the time by up to 50%.

Unique Features

Understanding the benefits of additional features built into some of the more premium IPL devices will help you better evaluate the different options and find the best device for you. For example, some devices only come with a simple on-off switch, while others will contain automatic sensors that activate the light pulses only when it’s placed on the skin. This helps save power and extends the life of the bulb to help you get the most from your device.

More advanced devices will even incorporate additional technologies to make the IPL treatment even more effective. For example, the Silk’n Infinity combines IPL pulses with galvanic energy. Galvanic energy helps stimulate the skin during the treatment to open up the pores and follicles, allowing the light pulses to more effectively reach deep down to the roots of the hairs.

Get More for Your Money with Silk’n IPL Hair Removal Devices

At Silk’n, we’re confident that you’ll be delighted with the quality, ease-of-use, and effectiveness of our range of Intense Pulsed Light hair removal devices. Countless satisfied customers around the world have already discovered the Silk’n difference, and we are proud to have delivered a great hair removal experience to each and every one of them.


differences in ipl hair removal devices


Silk’n Flash&Go Compact

The IPL device that made Silk’n world-famous, the Flash&Go Compact Glide features an easy-to-use design, long-lasting bulb for 150,000 pulses, and 5 different adjustable energy settings for great results on a wide range of skin and hair tones. The Flash&Go Compact Glide also includes a built-in safety sensor to protect your skin, and is approved by both the FDA and Health Canada. It’s a completely painless hair removal solution that you’ll absolutely love!


Cheap ipl hair removal


Silk’n Flash& Go Jewel

For the Flash&Go Jewel, we packed all the features of the Compact Glide into an even more streamlined form factor, and added triggerless functionality to make it easier than ever to use. With the Jewel, you’ve got a slim, travel-ready IPL hair removal solution that you can use anywhere, anytime, for smooth, hair-free skin that lasts.


good quality ipl hair removal device


Silk’n Flash&Go Express

Need great hair removal results even faster? Then the Flash&Go Express is the IPL device for you. Using a special, advanced type of quartz flash bulb, the Express is able to deliver light pulses much faster than previous devices, shortening treatment times by up to half. Just imagine, smooth, hair-free skin with treatments that are only 20 minutes or less. It’s amazing!

Silk’n Infinity

Meet the ultimate evolution in home IPL hair removal technology! With the Infinity, Silk’n built all the things our customers love most about our hair removal devices into a single package and added the powerful benefits of galvanic energy to the list of amazing features. Even the most stubborn hairs will be no match for the Silk’n Infinity, and you’ll end up with the permanent hair removal results you desire, along with soft, supple, great-feeling skin. With over 400,000 light pulses in one perfect little unit, you’ll never need another hair removal device!

Experience the Silk’n Difference

Start down the road to smooth, silky, permanently hair-free skin today and begin your journey with the best in IPL technology from Silk’n. But don’t take our word for it. Our customers have honored us by providing many testimonials about their personal experiences using Silk’n hair removal products, and they say it better than we ever could.

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about the various features and benefits of intense pulsed light hair removal products, and that you’ve now gained a clearer view of what you want from the device you choose.

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