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Hair Removal Device Review and Comparison

Hair Removal Device Review and Comparison

If you’ve been up late at night, you’ve probably seen infomercials for the no!no!. It’s a sleek little device that promises to remove body hair with ease and deliver total satisfaction. In fact, it makes some rather impressive claims that could have a consumer thinking it’s the solution they’ve been waiting for.

But what if The Silk’n Infinity hair removal device offered treatments more suited to your lifestyle and hair removal goals? This state-of-the-art device is FDA cleared and clinically proven to permanently reduce body and facial hair after completing a full treatment.

The debate over which at-home hair removal device is better has been raging for some time. The best way to decide is to perform a side-by-side comparison of price, technologies, treatment duration, results and user reviews.

Let’s start by creating a checklist of the features and benefits you should look for in a device. Next, we’ll take a deep dive into each of the no!no! and the Infinity to help you better understand how they work and if any shortcomings exist.

How to Review At-home Devices

Millions of people have flocked to at-home devices as an affordable alternative to professional laser hair removal treatments.

Once you’ve decided to switch, here is a checklist you should use to weigh the value of each device. The one that checks the most boxes might be the one for you. We recommend tailoring this list to your needs. For instance, if budget isn’t a concern than remove it from the list.

  • Is the device safe & FDA cleared?
  • Does it fit my budget?
  • Do I understand how to use it?
  • Are user reviews generally positive?
  • Is the technology proven to work?
  • Is it better than my current method?
  • Can I commit to a regular treatment session?
  • Can I commit to a complete treatment plan?
  • Am I willing to commit to a post-treatment maintenance plan?
  • Is my skin tone and type susceptible to treatment?
  • Do I have any skin sensitivities that could hinder the device’s effectiveness?

You need to decide how important an unchecked box is to you. In some cases, it could tip the scales toward one device. 

Comparing Technologies

These home hair removal devices rely on different technologies to target and attack unwanted hair. On the surface, the technological difference can be boiled down to the no!no! using heat whereas the Infinity uses a heat generated from light energy.

But it’s a bit more complicated than that.

The no!no! uses a technology called Thermicon that leverages thermal transference. As a user moves the device across their skin, it releases a low heat that claims to remove stubble then travels down the follicle to remove the hair and prevent growth.  

Thermicon technology also promises to crystallize the follicle. This means it will cut off the follicle from its blood supply, resulting in the follicle dying. This has been debated as some users and testers believe it singes hair without crystallizing it.

One positive is that skin tone doesn’t dictate effectiveness, and it is safe to use on various hair colors. Procedures are pain-free, quick and don’t create a mess like hot wax or depilatory creams. Of course, being safe doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t work.

The Infinity marries two modern technologies, Home Pulsed Light (HPL) and galvanic energy, to provide the most thorough treatment available on the at-home market. HPL safely and effectively emits a steady pulse of optical light energy directly into the skin. This light energy is attracted to and absorbed by pigment in the hair shaft. It is then transformed into heat, which kills the hair. The result is two-fold: the hair is removed and surrounding skin is unscathed.

The addition of galvanic energy makes the Infinity an improvement on existing Silk’n devices that were already considered best in class. It works deeper to target hair while leaving skin smooth and supple.


silk'n infinity at home hair removal device


How Do Hair Removal Treatments Differ?

Per the no!no! website, treatments can be conducted on any body part except the breasts and genitals.

As far as treatment duration, the no!no! states, “Hair does not grow in the same place at the same time, no!no! takes time and patience and will be different for each person.”

While this statement seems to have walked back from earlier claims about the product’s quick results, however they are correct to suggest that longer and/or coarser hair takes longer to remove regardless of method, and that everyone’s hair has different growth cycles so it’s true that it’s difficult to say how long any hair removal device will take to work.

This home hair removal device requires that you use it 2-3 times a week for the first few months. Once a full program is complete, it is recommended to start an ongoing maintenance regimen. Directions are unclear as to whether you need to begin treatment during a specific point of hair’s growth cycle.

The Silk’n Infinity takes 8 treatments that breakdown as such:

  • Treatments 1-4 should be performed two weeks apart.
  • Treatments 5-7 should be performed four weeks apart.
  • Treatments 8 and beyond are considered maintenance and should be performed until you are happy with the results.

Essentially, you’re signing up for a hair removal regimen that was developed based on the human hair growth cycle and takes at least two months. 

What do Users Think?

These two devices differ in many ways but none more pronounced than consumer experience and reviews.

It’s worth pointing out that reviews only represent the opinion of the post, but collectively, they can form a telling consensus.


nono hair removal


nono Hair Removal Device Reviews

Looking at user reviews on Amazon some describe the home hair removal device as “disappointing” or “horrible” or warn people “not to waste their money”.  At the time of writing this article, 9 of the 36 reviews on Amazon awarded it five stars. The general consensus seems to indicate that results are mixed with this device.

Infinity Hair Removal Device Reviews

Reviews for the Infinity can be found by visiting the product page, scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the “Reviews” tab, or by clicking the number of reviews in the product description at the top of the page.

At the time of writing this article, 34 of the 56 reviews had awarded it five stars. Many proclaimed that they “loved the product” and one even mentioned, “Goodbye to Unwanted Hair”. The majority felt the device offered quick and successful treatments and that the Infinity delivered as promised.

But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews for each device and draw your own conclusions.

At Home Hair Removal Cost Comparison

One of the benefits of home hair removal is that it should cost significantly less than professional treatments at a spa, salon or clinic. For both devices, you only pay a one-time fee. Besides investing in supplementary items like moisturizers, there is nothing else for you to purchase.

The no!no! costs $249.95 and shipping is free. They also offer a 30-day product trial that costs only $14.95. Once the 30 days are over, you can make three payments of $83.33. Device is available in pink, blue or platinum.

The Silk’n Infinity costs $399.00 and there is an interest-free payment option where you can make four installments of $99.75. Silk’n provides free shipping and there’s an exclusive double warranty—covering two years if purchased from— as well as a money back guarantee.

All prices are in USD.

Discover More About Silk’n Hair Removal

We hope this information has helped you move closer to being able to make an informed decision. The best advice is to take a broad perspective on home hair removal devices and make a decision that’s best for your life.

Browse our full product line. If you are looking to expand your knowledge, then visit our Hair Removal Resource Center for more information.  

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