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Best Facial Hair Removal Process

Best Facial Hair Removal Process

Is my upper lip hair noticeable? Should I bleach the hairs on my chin? Is shaving a better option? These are just some of the questions that run through our minds when trying to figure how to get rid of annoying facial hair.

Women face societal pressure to make sure their eyebrows—which are still expected to be shaped—are the only hair on their face. That means making sure they don’t have upper lip hair or chin whiskers or that their sideburns don’t run amok. No woman should feel persuaded to remove facial hair. It’s a personal choice and one that should be respected and never questioned.

For women who are searching for the best facial hair removal method, it’s time to end the debate and figure out which provides the most satisfying and longest-lasting results.

We’ll start by exploring the common ways that women remove facial hair and the shortcomings associated with these methods. Next, we’ll look at the Flash&Go hair removal devices, including the benefits and features of each and how a user should go about getting rid of facial hair.


How Does Facial Hair Grow?

Some people believe that only men grow facial hair and that’s simply not true. Even young women grow hair on their face but it is usually not noticeable until early adulthood. Still, many teenage girls start removing facial hair at its earliest onset and continue to do so for their entire adult life.

The truth is that anyone can grow facial hair. It is primarily dependent on genetics and hormones, not gender. This doesn’t mean you will necessarily have the same facial hair as your mom but it will be like someone in your lineage whether it be an aunt or great-grandmother.

Understanding how facial hair grows is important if you want to develop a grooming regimen to regularly remove it or to permanently reduce it. Everything with respect to hair removal should be based on the knowledge of hair growth and your personal style.

Does Shaving Work?

Some facial hair removal methods that are popular with men will not work for women. Women shaving has become more normalized in recent years and many beauty gurus are suggesting that it works.

Forget about the adage that facial hair grows back thicker and faster—because it’s not true—but shaving does have inherent shortcomings. It can make skin sensitive and more irritable, leave stubble and cause redness, and ultimately, provides only passable results that don’t last long.

As women get older and their skin goes through a transformation, shaving becomes an even worse option.

Popular Methods for Women

Most women forego shaving in favour of waxing, tweezing and sugaring. These are traditional facial hair removal treatments but do they provide that smooth upper lip and supple hair-less chin?


Waxing is the process where hair is removed rather aggressively by applying hot wax and using a strip of cloth. It can be extremely painful and could cause breakouts for people with sensitive skin. This method lasts roughly two weeks to a month for most women. It does not prevent regrowth and does not result in permanently reduced facial hair.

On a positive note, waxing leaves skin looking and feeling smooth, and gives it a nice sheen. You can perform treatments at home but many opt for professional treatments to ensure it is done right and because it can be difficult to inflict that level of pain on one’s self.

Women with auto-immune disorders like lupus should speak to their doctor before waxing any part of their body.


This process to remove facial hair has been popular in parts of the world for quite some time, yet it was only recently that it starting to take root in North American.

It’s bears a striking resemblance to waxing and the only real difference is that instead of wax it’s a paste made of sugar, lemon and water. Some recipes call for the addition of honey or other ingredients. Sugaring is popular among people who like natural products and are careful about what they put on their skin.

The benefits of sugaring to remove facial hair is that in most cases it makes skin less irritable or red post-treatment. It shares the same downside as waxing—short-term results, some pain and a constant investment in supplies and materials.


This is when you individually pluck each strand of hair with tweezers until you are satisfied with the result. If you have more than a few stray hairs or have little patience for precise grooming, then this isn’t the method for you. Actually, it’s really only a good method to shape eyebrows or remove rogue ear or nose hair. 


Threading is another hair removal method that has migrated to North America. It uses specialty threads to pluck rows of unwanted hair via a twisting motion. It’s faster and less painful than waxing but the results are far inferior.

It works best on eyebrows and isn’t effective on individual hairs or small groupings of hair. 


silk'n infinity permanent hair removal device facial hair removal


Permanent Facial Hair Removal 

For over a decade, the Flash&Go series by Silk’n has helped women remove facial hair so they can feel their most confident in everyday life. This family of hair removal products includes four exemplary devices, each designed for different needs and lifestyles.

The Silk'n Infinity is the latest at-home hair removal device. It offers the most cutting-edge technology to treat your chin and upper lip. It combines the proprietary Home Pulsed Light (HPL) and galvanic energy to remove hair while at the same time opening pores, allowing treatment to be more effective.

Complete facial hair removal treatments break down as such:

  • Treatments 1 to 4 should be conducted two weeks apart.
  • Treatments 5 to 7 should be conducted four weeks apart.
  • Treatments 8 and beyond should be conducted as needed until you are fully satisfied with the results.

The Silk'n Flash&Go Express allows for convenient facial hair removal treatments and delivers amazing results. A session only takes half as long as other devices and your face below the cheekbones will be hairless with no traces of bumps, stubble or redness.

Users start to see results after 3-4 sessions or roughly 6-8 weeks. Complete hair removal could take up to six months.

Complete facial hair treatments break down as such:

  • First 4 or 5 sessions should be done every two weeks.
  • Then only treat the area once a month.

The Silk'n Flash&Go Jewel is an adjustable hair removal device that disables hair growth and it’s great to use on your face since it can treat smaller areas with a narrower spot size. It takes 6-8 treatments and an easy maintenance program to experience full results.

Complete facial hair treatments break down as such:

  • Treatments 1 to 4 should be performed two weeks apart.
  • Treatments 5 to 7 should be performed four weeks apart.
  • After treatment 7, begin a maintenance program and continue until you achieve the desired results.

The Silk'n Flash&Go Compact is designed for travelers or people who are constantly on the go. It’s ergonomic, convenient and easy-to-use. Users experience results after only 2-4 treatments and 80% enjoy noticeable results after three months.

Complete facial hair treatments break down as such:

  • For the first two months, use the device every other week.
  • Afterward, start a monthly maintenance program.

Regardless of which at-home facial hair removal device you choose, a facial hair removal program includes similar steps:

  • Make sure target areas on your face are clean, dry and free of makeup or creams.
  • Cover all moles, tattoos or large groupings of freckles with white medical tape.
  • Place the device’s treatment surface against the area of your face you are targeting. Remember you can only treat skin below your cheekbones and never close to your eyes.
  • Press the pulse button and the device will emit a beam of light that attacks hair.
  • Depending on the device, you can choose between gliding or pulsing (gliding is for larger areas, pulsing is for targeting specific, smaller areas).

You’ll also need to read the full user manual to limit user errors as not using the device correctly is one of the biggest reason users don’t see the results they are expecting.  So be sure your using the device as instructed in the manual.

Want a Smooth Face?

If you are ready to say goodbye to waxing, shaving and sugaring, then browse our facial hair removal devices and find the device that best meets your needs.

Additionally, we have additional valuable information about our hair removal devices, and hair removal in general, in the Hair Removal Resource Center.



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