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Why Spring is the Best Season to Start Hair Removal Treatments

Why Spring is the Best Season to Start Hair Removal Treatments

Want a summer with more time to enjoy the sunshine and less time dealing with unwanted body hair? By starting your hair removal treatments early in the spring, you’ll get a head start on achieving your goals of enjoying smooth, hair-free skin all summer long.

Although there’s still snow on the ground and cold weather in the forecast, spring will soon be on its way, and with it comes the building anticipation of another summer filled with sunny rays and good times spent outside. Let’s just say that after a long and difficult winter, we’re all looking forward to better days filled with warm sunshine and fresh air.


It’s never too early to start thinking about plans for the upcoming summer, but when you start to consider how you want to spend your time in the sun you might also want to think about ways you can maximize those hours and minutes to make the most of them. One of these ways is to spend less time on repetitive personal care routines by simplifying them and cutting out unnecessary steps where you can. A good example of this is hair removal and dealing with unwanted body hair.


Instead of spending time and money on temporary hair removal techniques like shaving, waxing, or depilatory creams, it makes a lot more sense to choose a method of hair removal that offers long-term results. Of course, you may be wondering how it’s possible to achieve permanent hair removal. Fortunately, the science behind it is actually fairly simple. Let’s take a moment to review the difference between how temporary hair removal methods work and how permanent hair removal methods work.


How Can Hair Be Permanently Removed?


The main difference between temporary and permanent hair removal methods comes down to whether they work by affecting the actual hair itself, or by affecting the ability for the hair follicles to generate hair.


Temporary methods such as shaving or waxing work by simply cutting or pulling out the individual hairs, leaving the skin feeling smooth on the surface. Unfortunately, as we all know, those hairs are inevitably going to grow back sooner or later, necessitating repeat treatments over and over again in order to maintain the desired look and feel. This really is the biggest shortcoming of temporary hair removal methods, and it can certainly be quite frustrating when you just want to spend more time outside in the sun during the coveted days of summer and not worry about unsightly stubble or regrowth.


Permanent hair removal methods are different in that they use technology in order to alter the hair follicles and inhibit their ability to grow and generate hair. These technologies come in various forms, from the electric currents used in electrolysis, to laser light beams used in laser hair removal, and intense light pulses used in IPL hair removal technology. Of these three methods, IPL offers the most appealing set of advantages and benefits. Let’s take a closer look at this particular method of permanent hair removal.


How Does Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal Work?


IPL hair removal works by delivering intense bursts of highly focused light energy through a handheld device applied on to the area of skin to be treated. These light pulses are absorbed by the strands of hair and are converted from light energy into heat energy. This heat energy travels deep down to the root of the hair where it is then transferred to the surrounding cells that are responsible for the production of new hair within the follicle. When the treatment is completed, these cells cease to be capable of producing new hairs, and the skin is left permanently free of unwanted hairs. This means you’ll always be perfectly ready for the beach and your favourite swimsuit, which is a big advantage!


How Long Does It Take to Achieve Permanent Hair Removal?


It’s important to understand that permanent hair removal is not something that can be achieved overnight. Due to the nature of the human body, this is a cumulative process that takes place over the course of several treatments. The process takes time, but it’s worth it in the end – considering never having to shave or wax again. That’s why it’s so important to start now, if you want to time it right for summer.


At the beginning of a typical IPL treatment cycle, each of the first four sessions is generally performed at two-week intervals. The next 3-4 sessions are then performed approximately 4 weeks apart. Once these sessions are completed, you’ll then be able to simply perform maintenance or touch-up sessions as needed. Some IPL users report a drastic reduction in the speed and visibility of hair growth in just a few sessions, so even if you haven’t completed the entire treatment cycle, you’ll definitely notice a big difference by the time the nice weather arrives.


How Can I Speed Up the Process?


There are a couple of things you can do in order to shorten the overall treatment timeline and get beach-ready even faster. Some IPL users may be able to perform their treatments with shorter intervals, going from two weeks apart down to one, or one and a half weeks apart. Users are advised to test their comfort level with more frequent treatments and monitor the reaction of their skin to the new rapid treatment schedule. In the event that discomfort, or other side effects are observed, the treatment schedule should be reverted back to the standard intervals.


You can also help your body react more efficiently to your hair removal treatments by ensuring that you keep your skin moisturized, stay hydrated with lots of water, avoid excessive sun exposure, and follow a healthy and nutritious diet. By taking steps to keep your skin healthy and strong, you can be confident that you’ll get better results from each individual IPL hair removal treatment, which equates to shorter treatment times.


Another way to achieve faster results with IPL hair removal is to use the Silk’n Infinity At-Home IPL hair removal device. This technological innovation blends advanced IPL functionality with skin-stimulating effects to provide greater comfort and increase the efficiency of each treatment, allowing you to achieve permanent hair removal faster than ever before, right at home.


Take Advantage of the Silk’n Infinity IPL Hair Removal Device


With the Infinity, Silk’n merged our proven Flash&Go IPL technology for effective permanent at-home hair removal with galvanic energy to create a synergistic combination of effects that results in the fastest treatment times and the most comfortable user experience of any IPL device available. As the Infinity passes over the treatment area, a specialized electrode on the tip of the device emits galvanic energy on to the skin, stimulating circulation and soothing the skin. This stimulation also encourages the pores of the skin to open, thereby allowing the pulses of light to penetrate more efficiently down to the root of the hairs, increasing the effectiveness of each and every pulse.


With Silk’n hair removal devices you’ll have no problem at all getting beach-ready in time for the best days of summer, but there’s no time to waste. Now is the moment to spring into action and start working towards the permanently smooth, hair-free skin you’ve always wanted.


Trust us when we say that you’ll love the convenience and time-savings that come with never having to shave or wax again, and that just means more time in the sun for you!


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