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Permanent Facial Hair Removal

Permanent Facial Hair Removal

How to Target Unwanted Facial Hair for Women

These days, women who want to control unwanted facial hair have a lot of options available to them, some permanent, and some only temporary. There are methods to suppress hair on the upper lip and chin, shape eyebrows, and even keep sideburns in check.

Unfortunately, there’s no single device or method that can safely and permanently remove facial hair for you, for reasons we’ll get into below. If you’re looking to manage unwanted hair growth in several areas, your best option is usually a combination or hybrid approach that uses a permanent hair removal system where it is safe to do so and a temporary solution for everywhere else—especially around your eyes where any light based hair removal device can’t be used.

Below, we’ll examine the pros and cons of several temporary hair removal methods and take a look at our star permanent hair removal device - the Silk’n Infinity.

What Silk’n Infinity Can Do for You

Silk’n Infinity represents a new era in facial hair removal by combining pulsed light technology with the power of galvanic energy. Already regarded as the gold standard in this field, use the Infinity to permanently and painlessly remove unwanted hair—all without stubble, ingrown hairs, redness, or irritation.

Infinity puts the power of lasting hair removal at your fingertips and is suitable for a diverse range of hair colors and skin types. Treatments are painless and leave your skin smooth and supple. One device comes preloaded with a lifetime of treatments. There’ll be no need for replacement cartridges. And once your treatment plan is finished, you may never need to visit a spa again.

You can use Infinity in two modes—pulsing for smaller treatment areas, like your face, and gliding for larger areas like your arms and legs. It also has five power levels for ultimate comfort.

And yes, even though the balance of this article focuses on facial hair, Infinity is safe to use for most of your body hair as well.

When used on a woman’s face, the infinity is perfect for anything below the cheekbone, including the lip and sideburn areas.

What it Can’t Do

While Infinity offers what we consider the best in permanent facial hair reduction, it has one limitation. You can’t use it anywhere near your eyes.

This is because the device uses pulsed light technology to remove hair, as we’ll see below. The Infinity puts out a lot of energy in every pulse, and flashing around your eyes can cause serious, permanent damage. We understand that a lot of women want perfectly sculpted brows, but this is not the way to do it. We’ll examine some of the other methods below. No, they’re not as easy as using the Infinity, but they pose no risk to your optic health, either.

How the Infinity Works

The Infinity achieves its amazing results by combining galvanic energy with Silk’n’s eHPL™ technology. The galvanic energy opens pores to allow for better light penetration, and the pulsed light travels as energy down the hair shaft and destroys the hair follicle itself, preventing future hair regrowth.  This process has a great side benefit as well – open pores allow for deeper moisturizing when your treatment is complete.

Other Options to Consider Around the Eyes

While none of these techniques offer the hair management solution you get with Silk’n Infinity, they can each be used for temporary relief from unwanted hair growth around your eyes. Further information about these methods, including step-by-step instructions, can be found in two additional articles we’ve written about facial hair removal tips and on upper lip hair removal.

Shaving: This tried, tested, and true method of temporary hair removal favored by men can also be used by women, even on the eyebrows. However, a very steady hand is necessary. And while it may look like your hair regrows thicker, that’s just an optical illusion. Plucked hair (see below) or hair that falls out naturally as part of the hair growth cycle is tapered when it regrows. Shaved hairs, on the other hand, are cut clean across and regrow looking thicker. 

Plucking: plucking involves the use of a pair of tweezers to isolate and pull out individual hairs one-by-one. It’s exacting that requires some manual dexterity and good hand-eye coordination, so it can only really be recommended to manage small areas of undesired hair growth. Also, due to the way the nerves between the face and the nose are so closely wired, this method tends to make you sneeze (and cry) so keep some tissues handy. On the plus side, it’s affordable and might be the best way to go to manage the odd stray hair or two.

Waxing: Hot wax is a more effective way to deal with bigger hair removal issues, such as arm and leg hair, but it’s also an effective technique for sculpting your brows. The downside is three-fold. It’s hot. It hurts like the dickens sometimes. And it’s usually something best left in the hands of a professional. Hot wax can run—something to consider if you’re standing to look in the mirror to do your own treatments. This isn’t something you want to get in your eyes, nor is it something you want to get wrong.

Threading: Threading comes to us from Persia and Asia and involves removing hair at the follicle level by the manipulation and twisting of doubled-up thread. It offers a balance between plucking and waxing. It’s more precise and controlled than wax, but unlike plucking it can remove several hairs at once. There is some real skill involved in threading though, so it’s best to trust this method to a professional—unless you’re planning on going into the treading business yourself.

Epilation: Epilators are designed to grab several hairs at once and yank them all out in unison. But epilating devices come in several different sizes depending on where they’re supposed to be used. The trick is making sure you get a unit specifically designed for facial hair.

Sugaring: This is another hair removal technique that comes from Persia. It’s a lot like a hot wax treatment, but it’s not hot, and it doesn’t use wax. Sugaring relies on a paste made of sugar, lemon, water, and maybe honey. This technique is popular among women who prefer the most natural ingredients and has proven to be less irritating than wax as well.

Using Silk’n Infinity to Remove Facial Hair for Women

While it still can’t remove all facial hair, Infinity is still a remarkably versatile device for reducing undesired hair growth from your upper lip, chin and sideburns. Used as directed, you should see long lasting results within a few months.

Your first four treatments will be spaced two weeks apart each, while treatments five through seven will be spaced out every four weeks. After that, you’ll only need to do spot treatments as necessary. New hair follicles activate seemingly at random as you get older—sorry, modern science hasn’t found a solution for that, yet—so you’ll want to keep your Infinity close at hand for when they do.

Infinity, in a Nutshell

While Silk’n Infinity is the best permanent facial hair removal device available for women, it has certain limitations. For safety reasons, you shouldn’t use it above your cheekbone. However, there are several non-permanent solutions, such as shaving, plucking, waxing, threading, epilation, and sugaring that can be used around the eyes in combination with Infinity’s unique blend of galvanic energy and eHPL technology elsewhere for an elegant, low-maintenance solution.

Silk’n Infinity for the Best Facial Hair Removal

For the gold standard in permanent facial hair reduction, trust the Silk’n Infinity. Order today for free shipping, an exclusive two-year warranty, and a money-back guar

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