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Hair Removal as We Age - What Changes & Why?

Hair Removal as We Age - What Changes & Why?

The role of hair is to protect the body. As we age, we require more protection causing hair to undergo a transformation, one that makes it harder to remove. For most, it gets to the point where a device featuring the most cutting-edge technology is the only option to attack stubborn hair.

While an at-home device is your best weapon against aging body and facial hair, treatments are most effective when paired with relevant knowledge and an understanding of how to properly utilize hair removal devices.

To start, let’s review what happens to hair as we age and why some methods are rendered useless. Next, we’ll convey exactly why a Silk’n hair removal device will be the last treatment you will ever need, and why it is perfectly equipped to remove body hair as you age. We’ll also provide valuable insight into how to conduct a treatment so that you can immediately take the first step toward being hair-free.


Aging Body Hair

Even people with Rapunzel-like hair will see some big changes as they age. That’s the thing with aging, it doesn’t discriminate. During its lifespan, each strand of body, facial and scalp hair endures exposure to UV light, friction from brushing, grooming or physical activity and a variety of chemicals. This can exacerbate the aging process.

There are several signs that body and facial hair is aging or has aged to the point where it requires more attention or a more thorough method than shaving, plucking or waxing.

So, how exactly does hair change as we age?

Hair Color

Color is the easiest way to determine if hair is aging. This is due to melanin, a pigment produced by follicles, which promote growth. As we age, follicles follow suit by making less melanin. This lightens hair eventually turning it grey. Sometimes this can start in our early 30s.

Scalp hair turns grey quicker than body hair so it’s not always a great indicator. Furthermore, while it’s not a foregone conclusion that all armpit, pubic or chest hair will turn grey, you shouldn’t be concerned if you spot some white on your chest. It’s normal.

Hair Thickness

Aging causes hair to weaken and become thinner so even people with coarse hair will notice a change as they approach middle age. This change should be met with an adjustment to your hair removal strategy as thin hair can be treated with slightly less rigor than thick hair.

If you wisely choose an at-home hair removal device, we recommend completing treatment no matter what as it will result in permanent hair reduction in the target area.

Hair Loss and Gain

Over time, your body and face is bound to lose some hair. Much of this is based on genetics and can be hard to predict. There’s no proven cure for hair loss so you merely need to chalk it up to a fact of life.   

With respect to hair growing on new body parts, women of a certain age might experience growth on their chin and around the lips whereas men could experience bushier eyebrows and more ear and nose hair.

Lastly, if you are experiencing significant hair loss, you should contact your doctor as it could be a sign of another health problem.


Adopt Better Hair Removal Techniques

Because hair weakens as we age, we may need to reduce the use of methods like shaving, plucking or depilatory creams. These methods yield limited results and should only be used when you need a quick fix.

Hundreds of products claim to have the ability to de-age hair. Some provide additional anti-oxidants and protection against UV light and others like humectants were developed to keep moisture locked in hair. At best, these are cosmetic fixes.

If you feel stuck in a cycle of antiquated options, we recommend making the immediate switch to a member of the Flash&Go series. Why not invest in a treatment that is versatile and strong enough to remove hair at any stage of life?


Silk’n is Your Best Bet

Meet the Flash&Go series, featuring the four best hair removal devices available for the at-home market: The Express, The Jewel, The Compact and the latest arrival, the Infinity. Once you choose the best match for your lifestyle, you can experience why it is so adept at removing aging hair without compromising an iota of technological efficiency or precision.

The Express provides professional-level hair removal treatments in the fraction of the time. It only takes 20 minutes to conduct a single treatment. Once you complete a full treatment, you will enjoy silky smooth skin without any bumps and redness.

Treatments are painless and the results are long-lasting. If you want hairless skin that’ll turn heads, but constantly find yourself strapped for time, then try The Express.

The Jewel is an award-winning portable hair removal device that millions of people have fallen in love with. This product is adjustable and equipped with touch and glide ease, giving users two options to effortlessly perform exceptional treatments. You can even work more sensitive areas without concern.

The Compact is convenient and versatile. By simply guiding the treatment surface across target areas, you can remove hair on your face, legs, underarms and bikini lines. Ideal for removing aging hair on areas both big and small.

The Infinity is turning the at-home market on its head. It combines patented Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology with galvanic energy to provide the most penetrating treatment imaginable. The addition of galvanic energy is remarkable as it allows HPL to work deeper within skin to target the follicle at its root, resulting in the removal of aging hair.

Whatever device or devices you choose will help you deal with aging hair that has appeared in new places or in clusters. And if your body hair is getting thinner, don’t worry, any of these state-of-the-art hair removal products will get the job done.


Treatment Frequency and Duration

While Silk’n hair removal devices are the most popular and effective, it’s critical that you understand what a complete treatment looks like. Of course, with respect to frequency and duration, Silk’n is known to offer quick sessions and a short, stress-free route to hairless skin.

The Express should be used once every two weeks for the first four to five sessions. Afterwards, you can decrease treatment to once a month, or as needed based on your specific hair removal goals.

For The Jewel, treatments one to four should be performed two weeks apart. The next three treatments should be four weeks apart and then all other treatments should be conducted only as you wish.

Treatments with The Compact are simple. You should only use the device every other week for the first two months, then maintain. That’s it!

To receive the exceptional results provided by The Infinity, you need to perform the first four treatments two weeks apart. Treatments five to seven need to be done four weeks apart and, finally, any treatments after the seventh should be done as required.

As you can see, a complete hair removal treatment with any device doesn’t require a ton of effort. The minimal investment pays off in spades, as you’ll enjoy the smoothest skin of your life.


Get Your Device Today!

Don’t let aging stop you from having the radiant skin you want. By using a Silk’n at-home hair removal device, you will enjoy ease-of-use, painless treatments and a hair removal process that produces only high-calibre results. Whatever your age, these devices always deliver.

Invest in an IPL device today, and it'll deliver smooth, hair-free skin for years.


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