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Silk’n Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Silk’n Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Can we all agree that guys are the worst to shop for? It seems that anything they want or need, they end up buying for themselves. That makes it really tough for us gift givers to get men something they will truly enjoy! We have compiled a wide range of unique gifts perfect for many men. Keep reading for the 2016 Silk’n Holiday Gift Guide for Him!

1. Silk’n ReVit, $99, $74.25

Men deserve soft skin too. They don’t have the help of makeup to get a glowing complexion. That’s where this device comes in. The ReVit is an at-home microdermabrasion device that will give men clear, healthy skin in no time. Treatments with the device are quick and easy. No wasted time or money on spa treatments that most men don’t care for. Just simple and effective treatments that men can complete on their own time.

silk'n revit microderm wand

2. Patagonia Vest, $144.10

When in doubt, get your man something Patagonia. The clothes are top quality material, and the jackets and vest are lightweight, stylish, and super warm. A red vest is perfect for casual holiday parties or outings. If the guy in your life isn’t into bright colors, it comes in a neutral black as well (shown below). Patagonia is always a safe bet for most men.

Silk’n Holiday Gift Guide For Him

3. City Map Whiskey Glass, $14.00

If you’ve given your man hundreds of whiskey bottles over the years, its time to switch it up! Any whiskey lover is sure to enjoy these unique whiskey glasses. They feature city street maps of your choice, making them a truly customized gift. Take your man back to the familiar streets of his home town or favorite city while he enjoys his glass of bourbon.

Silk’n Holiday Gift Guide For Him

4. Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker, $129

With Bose, you know you are going to get great sound. This speaker is just over 5 square inches and only 2 inches in diameter. It is perfect for any guy who doesn’t like things that take up unnecessary space. Despite it’s compact size, it gives off a clear, loud sound. It comes in black, blue, red, white, and mint. To top it off, its battery lasts up to 8 hours before needing a recharge.

Silk’n Holiday Gift Guide For Him

5. Silk’n Swirl, $19.95

The Silk’n Swirl is a perfect stocking stuffer. It’s only 20 dollars, and will help your man take care of his skin with minimal effort. The Swirl cleansing brush is compact but effective. It is powerful and helps give skin a deep clean. It can be used in the shower, a feature that men love. Don’t worry—he won’t have to switch up his skincare routine much! This brush can be used with his favorite face wash/cleanser.

Silk'n swirl facial cleaning brush

6. Fossil Watch, $145

A watch is a great go-to gift if your man likes stylish practicality. We love this Nate Cronograph Luggage Leather watch from Fossil. It’s been designed to include both stainless steel and a blacked out dial. The military-inspired watch features changeable straps, stopwatch, and can be warn when swimming or bathing.

Silk’n Holiday Gift Guide For Him

7. iPhone Battery Case, $89.99

If your man travels often and is always searching for an outlet at the airport to charge his phone, this is the perfect gift for him. The battery case has a sleek look that you would expect from an Apple product. It offers up to 22 extra hours of internet browsing or watching video, and 26 extra hours of talk time. It will add convenience to his life that he’ll always be grateful for!

Silk’n Holiday Gift Guide For Him

8. Jack Spade Leather File Wallet, $68.00

This is a compact (sensing a theme here?) file wallet that takes up the least amount of space possible. It is made from leather and available in a number of different colors. Sleek, stylish, and simple, it keeps ids, credit cards, and the other necessities safe with no fuss whatsoever.

Silk’n Holiday Gift Guide For Him

9. Silk’n Express, $299, $224.25

There is no doubt that beards and facial hair are extremely popular for men right now. The case is not the same with back hair. The Silk’n Express hair removal device is a solution to that back hair problem your man struggles with. With regular use, it will lead to permanent hair removal. That means no more helping your man shave or wax. He’ll have a smooth, hairless back 24/7! The best part about the device is it can be used by both of you. The Express comes with 300,000 pulses, which is more than enough to treat his entire back and your legs. It’s a win-win!

Silk'n express hair removal device

10. Ugg Slippers, $99.95

Slippers are a great gift, especially if you honor the tradition of giving pajamas on Christmas Eve. You really can’t get better slippers than these. Made by Ugg, they are extremely soft, comfortable, and warm. They come in gray, black, brown, and blue. These slippers are top quality and will last for years to come. He’ll think of you every time he slips them on!

Silk’n Holiday Gift Guide For Him

We hope our Holiday Gift Guide for Him has helped provide you with ideas for what to get the man in your life this Christmas season. Happy Holidays from Silk’n!

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