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Skin Tightening - Put Your Most Youthful Face Forward

Skin Tightening - Put Your Most Youthful Face Forward

Learn how you can turn back the clock on sagging, aging skin, and get a more vibrant look.

The world is a harsh place, especially on our skin. Between the damages caused by UV rays, dryness from seasonal changes, and the negative effects of stress, it seems like a constant struggle to maintain a youthful look as we age. However, there is a secret weapon you can add to your skin care routine that can help turn back the clock for your skin, especially on your neck and face.

The Silk’n Titan is a revolutionary skin-tightening device that utilizes a trio of advanced technologies to help stimulate, rejuvenate, and refresh the appearance of aging, sagging skin. Wrinkles are reduced, fine lines are smoothed away, and your skin will regain its natural glow and vibrance. But how does it work to achieve these great results? In order to properly explain the effects of the Silk’n Titan, we first need to look at the basic building blocks of our skin, and what happens to them as we age.

What keeps our skin looking young and healthy?

While our skin is made up of many layers and tissues, there are two components that play very specific roles in the tightness and firmness of our skin. These components are known as collagen and elastin. The first, collagen, is a protein that is responsible for supporting the skin and making up most of its structure. Collagen is a naturally flexible material, and helps give skin the soft yet firm feel that we desire.

The second material that plays an important part in maintaining healthy, youthful skin is known as elastin. Like collagen, elastin is also a protein that helps makes up the general structure of our skin. However, while collagen provides support and fullness to the skin, elastin provides resilience and elasticity. Elastin is the part of the skin that helps it return to its original shape after it stretches or flexes.

Depending on the part of the body, the thickness or thinness of the skin will vary. In general, the areas with the greatest thickness will have the most collagen present. Conversely, the thinnest areas, which are usually those that need to be the most flexible, will have less collagen and greater concentrations of elastin.

As we age, the ability of the body to generate collagen and elastin changes. Production of collagen generally continues in to adulthood, but begins to slow down when maturity is reached. Elastin is very different, being produced mostly in the fetus, and ceases production entirely at the end of puberty. It is for these reasons that it is important to properly care for the collagen and elastin in our bodies in order to ward off their decline and maintain their health throughout our lives.

So, how exactly does collagen and elastin become worn out or damaged over time? There are several reasons which, alone or in combination, are the main causes of sagging skin and other signs of premature aging.

What causes sagging skin, especially around the neck and face?

The list of reasons why collagen and elastin begin to breakdown and degrade over time will undoubtedly sound familiar, as they are often the causes of many other common cumulative health issues that can develop over time. Some of the main factors that can accelerate the loss of collagen and elastin include:

  • Excessive or frequent exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Smoking and other types of tobacco usage
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep
  • Fluctuations in weight
  • Poor diet including high levels of sugar
  • Frequent or persistent dehydration

As years go by, the visible signs of aging eventually begin to make themselves known, and one of the first places we tend to notice them is on the face and neck. This is primarily due to two factors. First, our faces and necks are most often left generally exposed, and as such tend to receive the greatest amount of sun exposure of any areas of our skin throughout our lives.

Second, the skin on many areas of our faces tends to be particularly thin, especially around areas such as our eyes and on our necks, which also coincide as the places we tend to see wrinkles first start to appear as we age. This is in part due to the smaller volume of collagen in these areas of skin, which will show the effects of collagen loss far sooner than other areas of the body where the skin may be thicker.

Avoiding negative health habits such as those we listed above can go a long way to preserve and extend your body’s ability to retain firm collagen and pliable elastin. In addition, positive health habits including getting enough water, maintaining a healthy balanced diet, frequent exercise, and minimizing sun exposure can have a significant effect on delaying and reducing the natural visible signs of aging.

Fortunately, in addition to the positive health habits we just mentioned, there are other beneficial actions you can take to help boost the firmness of collagen and rejuvenate the springiness of elastin. One of the most effective methods has proven to be treatments of the affected areas using specialized types of energy, most often in the forms of radio frequency (RF) energy, infrared (IR) energy, and LED energy.

When precisely applied to the areas of our skin showing sagging or wrinkling, these energies have produced noticeable benefits to the firmness, smoothness, and overall appearance of the skin in those areas. This is the secret to the Silk’n Titan’s remarkable results.

What makes the Silk’n Titan so effective at reducing the signs of aging?

The Silk’n Titan is a marvel of anti-aging technology, and has proven to deliver noticeable effects in the feel and tightness of skin after just one treatment. How can it achieve such quick results? Because the Silk’n Titan doesn’t use just one type of energy; it uses all three. By combining the benefits of Bi-Polar RF energy, IR heat energy, and LED light energy in one easy-to-use anti-aging device, the Silk’n Titan provides a more noticeable improvement to the tightness of skin on the neck and face than any other anti-aging product.

The Titan works by harmonizing these three types of energies on the treatment area, delivering powerful stimulation deep within the skin. This energy prompts the skin to begin repairing and rejuvenating the damaged, weakened areas of collagen and elastin that are causing the loss of firmness and elasticity which results in wrinkles, fine lines, and sags on your neck and face.

You can use the Silk’n Titan on all the common areas where aging is usually the most noticeable, such as your forehead, upper cheeks, lower cheeks, and neck. With each successive treatment, the Silk’n Titan helps smooth fine lines, reduces wrinkles, and brings back a youthful firmness to your skin. You’re left with increased tightness and smoothness on the treated areas on your face, including around your eyes, cheeks, and neck, as well as a more vibrant and healthy-looking complexion.

Using the Silk’n Titan is fast and easy, with each treatment area taking an average of just 10-15 minutes. Plus, you can treat as many areas in one session as you’d like, and there is no recovery time needed after the treatments, so you can resume your normal activities immediately. Most treatment schedules follow a twice-weekly timeline for a total of 10 weeks, with follow-up treatments about once every two weeks to maintain optimum results.

Rejuvenate your skin and rebel against the signs of aging!

Fight back against the signs of aging, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and tighten up sagging skin with the incredible power of the Silk’n Titan Anti-Aging device. You’ll notice a difference right away, and as you progress through your skin-tightening treatments, you’ll keep turning back the clock. We are confident you’ll be delighted with the more youthful look of your face, and the tighter, smoother skin on your neck.

Get started today and start taking years off with the Silk’n Titan.  If you’d like to learn more about how the Titan works, be sure to check out our anti-aging resource center, or if you’re looking for something more scientific, we have posted some clinical studies featuring our FaceFX anti-aging device, so you can see the results first hand.

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