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Want to Look a Decade Younger? Meet the Silk’n Titan AllWays

Want to Look a Decade Younger? Meet the Silk’n Titan AllWays

Meet the Silk’n Titan AllWays!

“Age is just a number we count until we’re old enough to know it doesn’t count.”

The fact that we’re all aging is hard to accept, but it’s even harder to stop ourselves from going through the process. Its natural, it’s universal, all life on planet Earth goes (and grows) through it and so do we humans.

As we grow older, we notice and feel changes in our body, and our face is no exception to those changes. In fact, our face is where we first start noticing the signs of external aging. These early signs start showing in our 30s and include fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet around the eyes, pigmentation, dullness of skin, deeper lines around the smile, and only become more pronounced as we enter our 40s. As these details come forward and look more evident, it might feel like we’re in a dilemma, but to move forward (as we should always in life), we must make a choice. Either we can accept that wrinkles, fine lines, and all other signs of aging are a part of life and there’s only so much we can do to change that, or we can regret those olden-golden days of our youth when we basked under the sun’s glory with starry-eyes. Seldom did we realise that we were simply allowing our skin to start aging early by doing that. (sigh)

Moving forward and keeping regrets aside (let’s not forget that youth is a gift of nature and so, must be enjoyed), there’s one thing that we, as consumers can do to treat our skin right while we can, and that is – making smart decisions.

There’s a whole health and beauty industry out there, making and selling an array of anti-aging products that are meant to help us look younger. In a sea of commercialism, it is up to us consumers to decide which product is actually going to help restore that youthful glow and be worth the investment. At Silk’n, we are determined to help our customers make educated decisions by providing detailed content found in our blog articles, product resources and detailed product pages. 

We work hard to design and develop technology that will help bring out the most beautiful YOU. And when it comes to anti-aging, we understand that wrinkle prevention and skin tightening matter most, which is what led to the invention of the new Titan AllWays, a state-of-the-art, at-home anti-aging device that reduces wrinkles and crow's feet, restores collagen, elastin and lifts facial contours.


What is the Silk'n Titan AllWays?

The Silk’n Titan AllWays is a revolutionary product created by Silk’n for skin tightening and lifting. In simpler words, it helps address the effects of gravity and aging. The HT™ technology of this device has the power to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet by restoring collagen within the skin. Usually, cosmetic surgery is what people must go through, to setback the effects of aging, but this anti-aging device will contour your face (and no, not with makeup) and repair elasticity without you having to pay a heavy price for it. (And let’s not forget the pain one must endure in cosmetic surgery.)

The result, after continuous and devoted usage is a visibly younger and smoother looking face.


Let’s talk about the benefits of using Titan AllWays:

Use it anywhere and everywhere you want because it’s cordless!

Yes, you read that right. The Silk’n Titan AllWays is next to perfect not only because it controls the signs of aging, but also because you’re able to use it anywhere you want. No more dealing with cables and adaptors while you rejuvenate your face with this anti-aging device. Instead, you can go sit outside in your garden, breathe in some fresh air while you let the product do its work. No matter where you are, whether you’re sitting, standing, or just laying down and relaxing, the Titan AllWays will be at your service. All you’ve got to do is sit back, relax, and start the treatment.


It rejuvenates the skin with its HT™ technology!

You must be wondering what HT™ technology is. Well, HT stands for Home Tightening. The HT™ technology combines three different kinds of energies including, Bipolar RF (Radio Frequency) Energy, LED (Light Emitting Diode) Light Energy and IR (Infrared) Heat Energy. These three energies when combined, produce powerful light waves and when our skin is subjected to these waves, they stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin fibres. As you may know, collagen is important for skin elasticity and vitality. And as we age, the collagen that’s already existing in our body breaks down and it gets harder for our body to produce more. But with the help of HT™ technology, our skin can produce new collagen, thus giving the face a younger, evened out look in the long run.


Titan AllWays is Clinically Tested.

Various clinical studies have researched and studied the potential of HT™ technology and you’ll be glad to know that it works without causing any side effects to the skin. In an independent research setting, it was proven that 96% of the participants who had regularly used this device for 10 weeks, 2 sessions a week, had visibly fewer wrinkles and fine lines compared to before the treatments. And the participants experienced no side effects to their skin or health.


It is completely safe to use.

The Silk’n Titan AllWays is tried and tested, FDA cleared and entirely safe for at home use by men and women. It suits all kinds of skin-tones and skin-types from light to dark and even the darkest skin-tones. It is suitable to be used anywhere on the face and neck region (except the eyelids). This includes the frown lines (forehead wrinkles), under-eye wrinkles and crow’s feet (the crinkly fine lines that form around the eyes when you smile). Moreover, intense after-care is not required as the treatments are so mild. Just apply any face cream that you normally do to soothe the treated area and you’re good to go. You can freely continue with your day. It is recommended that you do wear a sunscreen that has a good amount of SPF in it, 50+. This will protect your skin from sunburn and save all your hard work from going in vain. As much as we all love being out under the sun, it’s UV rays can accelerate the process of aging whether we are in our 20s or 40s. So, always remember to protect yourself by using the best sunscreen every time you’re out enjoying the sun.

While the Silk’n Titan AllWays comes with numerous benefits and advantages, it’s its fancy HT™ technology that’s got a hold on us. It penetrates deep under our skin with its combined light effect and stimulates the skin’s cells to produce collagen. The more collagen our body produces, the better our skin will look. The light waves produced by this device exude heat and when this heat reaches under our skin’s surface, it damages old cells thus forcing our skin to renew by repairing itself. The new collagen and elastin fibres that are formed gradually keep our skin elastic and resilient. Therefore, on the inside the skin is repairing and renewing itself while on the outside, it’s looking visibly finer, firmer, and younger looking after every treatment. All this may sound like the process could be painful or uncomfortable but it’s nothing like that. You may feel a very light and warm sensation while you’re using it (because of the light energies). Also, people with fair skin tones might experience mild pinkness on the treatment area because of the light energies, but that fades quickly.

At Silk’n, we are continuously working on and evolving our technology to come up with new innovative treatments. We strive to satisfy our customers and users with clinically tested, FDA approved, easy to use at home devices that save you a lot of time and money. We also encourage you to take care of your skin, as healthy skin will last you a lifetime and deserves your time and attention. Because when you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside.

To learn more about our products and see what promotions are currently available, visit our website Shipping is free anywhere in North America.

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