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Acne Articles

Acne Treatment Articles

Acne breakouts can destroy one’s confidence, adversely and unfairly impacting their social and professional lives. Many times, a person lives with acne starting in early adolescence and lasting right through adulthood. To tackle persistent acne issues and enjoy clear and radiant skin, you need the best device, the most expert advice and the right routine. This trifecta can help ensure you’re able to eliminate acne and prevent its recurrence, which is why we’ve created a resource just for you. Here, you can learn the cause, and how to effectively treat acne.

This section of the Silk’n blog will provide advice and proven tips on how to treat acne. In addition, it will help you understand what causes breakouts and what Silk’n devices might best suit your skincare needs. This blog’s purpose is to educate readers and to empower them to live a life of confidence.

Covering a wide array of topics, including safe acne treatments for kids and some of the most effective tips and tricks to treat pimples, these posts can truly help those affected by acne. Whatever it is you want to learn about acne and acne prevention, we have quality content to match. Learn about avoiding the “miracle” remedies and why washing your skin too much can be detrimental. Best of all, you’ll learn tips that you can use in the comfort and privacy of your own home, saving you expensive trips to the aesthetician or dermatologist. Don’t miss the Resource Center for specific information surrounding the use of the Blue acne eliminator.

We’re always updating our blog so be sure to check back often. Another way to stay connected is to sign up for our newsletter. You’ll be up-to-date on the latest news about acne treatments and the Silk’n line of products designed to clear your skin. What’s better than getting the best advice and insight delivered right to your inbox?

Safe and Effective Acne Treatment Options for Kids

Safe and Effective Acne Treatment Options for Kids

Learn about safe and effective acne treatments suitable for children, good skin care habits and products designed to help relieve acne in kids.

Prevent Acne -  Tips & Tricks to Treat Pimples

Prevent Acne - Tips & Tricks to Treat Pimples

Acne is just plain unpleasant. There’s no other way to say it. According to recent studies, nearly 85% of young adult’s experience acne in some form. Here, we will look at some of the most effective...

 Blue Light Technology for acne treatment

What is Blue Light Technology?

Have you heard of blue light technology? It is the revolutionary skin treatment technology that is popping up all over the place. It can annihilate your acne and give your clearer skin. If you...

Silk'n Blue Acne Treatment Device

What You Should Know About Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy. You’ve probably heard of it, but may not know exactly what it is. We’re here to share with you the the reason that blue light therapy is taking the skincare world by...

Silk’n Blue Acne Treatment Device blue light therapy

Silk’n Blue: The One Step Acne Annihilator

If you suffer from acne, you know how hard it can be to deal with. The unpredictable breakouts can wreak havoc on your self confidence. It feels like every time you find a product that...

Brooklyn Fullmer Loves the Silk’n Blue

Brooklyn Fullmer Loves the Silk’n Blue

Brooklyn Fullmer was a contestant on the current season of So You Think You Can Dance. The 19-year-old girl is constantly on the go. As a dancer and performer, she knows how important it is...