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Pros & Cons of Overnight Anti-Blemish Treatments

Pros & Cons of Overnight Anti-Blemish Treatments

Picture yourself walking down the skincare aisle of a drug store. You’re scanning shelves lined with dozens of different overnight anti-blemish products, all claiming to hold the key to curing your blemishes overnight, the ones that might be impacting your social, personal and professional life.

Most overnight treatments are over-the-counter and claim to eliminate acne while you sleep. Some of the most popular skincare brands like Proactiv, Murad, Clearasil and Clean & Clear offer an overnight solution. To determine the legitimacy of these overnight anti-blemish treatments we turn to the trusted and ancient practice of reviewing the pros and cons, remembering that everyone’s skin is different and acne comes in different types and degrees of severity.

No one should have their entire life affected by acne. More so, no one should have to spend their days trying out an endless array of zit-zapping ointments or creams that only produce one result, stinging. We hope this article helps you develop a skincare routine that can solve your acne problem and have you looking and feeling amazing. 


Acne comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. By recognizing the type of acne that inflicts your face and body, you can decide whether overnight treatments are worth it, or if you need to seek professional skincare help.

Most pimples are comedones, the skin coloured tiny bumps that occur when a pore or follicular opening is clogged. Here are the most common types:


This is the mildest form of acne. These little white bumps commonly appear on one’s face, neck and back. Believe it or not, it is estimated that over 40 million people in the United States must deal with some form of whiteheads every year. The good news is that sometimes they’re so small they can be invisible. The bad news is that left untreated they can worsen.


Like whiteheads, blackheads are mild and can be accompanied by other forms of acne. They are treatable and tend to be even more common than whiteheads.

Hormonal Acne

Exactly as it sounds, hormonal acne is caused by hormones stemming from events like menstruation and menopause. This is common in women over the age of forty and this type of acne tends to plague the T-zone (part of the face made up on forehead, nose and chin). 

Blind Pimples

Blind pimples are unnoticeable. They live beneath the skin and can be felt by running your finger along the surface of your face. This type of pimple can be painful and eventually reach your skin’s surface in the form of white or blackheads. The most proactive skincare fanatics treat blind pimples knowing that they are a problem waiting to happen.

Overnight Anti-Blemish Treatments

Overnight anti-blemish treatments are considered any treatment that one applies while they sleep. They differ from something like cleansing pads which you apply before sleep. The idea is that sleep is a restorative time for your skin, and these ointments are formulated to work in conjunction while your skin is rejuvenating.

Most of these treatments involve applying a substance—gel, ointment or cream—to your face and they are designed to not smear on a pillow. Overnight treatments have been popular option for decades and they are generally inexpensive. The average container costs under $20 but the higher end brands can cost in the $50-$100 range.

Consumers needs to look past the fancy packaging and determine whether overnight treatments are the best course of action for their acne. Most importantly, you want to make sure they won’t do more harm than good to your skin.

Pros of Overnight Treatments:

  • Little to no time commitment.
  • They take advantage of a time when skin is repairing to optimize treatment.
  • Inexpensive compared to salon or spa treatments.
  • Due to the use of harsh chemicals, can quickly treat a small number of zits.

Cons of Overnight Treatments:

  • Most brands use harsh chemicals, which can damage skin or make your acne worse.
  • Offers only temporary solutions.
  • No guarantee of long-term results even with a daily commitment.
  • Results can vary significantly and you don’t know what you’re gonna get until you wake up.

Can Overnight Treatments Harm your Skin?

Overnight treatments are far from a sure-fire thing and there are drawbacks to consider. Many experts believe that they don’t improve acne and can strip you skin of its natural moisturizers. The ones that call for spot treating don’t help clear blind pimples so they are not the best way to get ahead of your acne.

A common mistake is to cycle through 10 different over-the-counter products that are all essentially the same. Don’t waste your money. If one doesn’t work than it’s time to try a different approach, not a different product.

The Evolution of Overnight Anti-Blemish Treatments

Overnight treatments have come a long way since the 1950s when thick, gloopy creams were applied to every inch of a face. Many of the homemade remedies (made from products ranging from milk, egg whites, charcoal or tomato and honey) have been retired and many are turning their back on creams, gels and ointments.

Here are some of the more modern overnight treatments:

Acne Dots

These fast-acting adhesive patches have become quite popular over the last few years. Some are medicated and some are formulated to dry out a zit. While the aim is to unclog pores, their effectiveness is inconsistent as it is still considered a new technology.


Clay is the cheapest overnight option and conceivably helps clean dirt and oils from the surface of skin. Keep in mind, it’s cheap because it is unsophisticated and works best at treating the mildest cases of acne including blind pimples.

Blue Acne Eliminator Device

Overnight treatments won’t work for everyone and their overall effectiveness as an acne solution is hard to qualify. The Silk’n answer to acne is a proven device that reduces acne without any harm or negative side effects. Blue Acne Eliminator Device, Blue, offers a deep tissue treatment, attacking oil-producing glands. This device uses blue light technology to deliver a deep, penetrating clean that minimizes the odds of acne resurfacing.

miracle acne treatments

Overnight Treatments vs. Blue

Unlike most overnight treatments, Blue is an all-natural solution that is superior to most creams, gels and ointments. In most cases, it’s less costly and isn’t associated with painful stinging. Blue is also a safer option for teenagers whereas some of the harsh chemicals found in overnight treatments could damage their skin or lead to further breakouts. 

Overnight treatments typically work on specific types of acne such as mild cases of whiteheads. The Blue acne treatment device works on all types and can tackle different levels of severity. Teenagers and adults can enjoy the benefits and results of Blue.

Your Skin Matters

Acne is a complicated problem and every situation varies based on one’s skin, genetics and certain environmental factors. It would be unfair to say that overnight treatments never work. They are an option for uncomplicated zits that you need to get rid of quickly. They require little commitment and the embarrassment of having white cream on your face is relegated to the nighttime and in the privacy of your home.

If you want long-lasting results, your best bet is the Blue acne treatment device.

Order now to take the first step on your journey to clear skin. Take advantage of our current promotions or speak live to one of our health and beauty experts by clicking on the “WE’RE HERE TO HELP” tab on the side of every page. 

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